Students register for exams via TUCaN.

Please note the registration deadlines for exams, since you are not allowed to participate in an exam unless you are registered!

Information about current regulations regarding exams can be found here.

What to do in case you are not able to take an exam?

Here you find information of Dezernat II (Hinweise des Dezernats II) of TU Darmstadt.

Medical certificates can be turned in:

  • at the „Studienbüro“ with Ms Kettel (L1|08 27)
  • at the secretary’s office of the Graduate School of Excellence, Energy Science and Engineering, Ms Becker (L1|08 25) (during office hours)
  • at the dean’s of materials sciences, Ms Ziegler-Krutz (L2|01 79)
  • at the main gate of TU Darmstadt (S1|01)