The mission of the Graduate School is to educate tomorrow’s leading energy engineers in a multidisciplinary field of expertise needed to identify and master the most demanding scientific, engineering, economic and social challenges in an interdisciplinary approach.

M.Sc. Energy Science and Engineering

This interdisciplinary program of study offers a specialization with a strong focus on energy. The central principle of this program is an interdisciplinary education. Students will gain a broad technical knowledge in the field of energy.

  • Interdisciplinary Education
  • Renewable Energies
  • Conventional Energy Technologies
  • Energy Conversion, Storage and Use
  • Basic Technological, Ecological, Economic and Societal conditions
  • Resource Situation and Climate Development

Students will be guided towards a scientifically oriented professional life in the areas of energy research and energy technology. Successful graduates of the program will be technically versatile and will be able to independently tackle new problems in research, industry, and management.

Master's Program

Doctorate Programme

The principles guiding the Graduate School enable the students and PhD candidates to develop complementary qualifications: learning in-depth research combined with a broad overview on related subjects.

  • Leading edge research in energy science, engineering or technology in a specific field of expertise
  • Learning to solve complex scientific and technological problems in teams
  • Providing opportunities e.g. by exchange programs or by participation in international conferences
  • Support of early scientific independence and responsibilities
  • Learning and applying transferable skills
  • Transfer of scientific knowledge, intellectual property, advanced methods and technologies into society and industry