Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency and Demand-Side-Management for Industrial Applications

Besides traffic and private households, industry is responsible for a major part of the energy demand in Germany and Europe. The significance will increase not least because of the growth the industry sector aims for.

Potentials for saving energy cannot only be realized by reducing the required final energy but also by selecting the suitable form of energy, by the setup of the in-plant energy system and by the transition to flexible demand through adaptive load curves. Hereby, the focus is on the entire energy system, i.e. the energetic interaction of the subsystems, spanning from field devices over the utilization units to the technical infrastructure, is considered.

For this complex task, technologies, methods and business models are required in order to establish individualized, intelligent and efficient energy systems within the industry.

  • Minimization of the final energy required by industrial field devices
  • System design of industrial energy systems with consideration of production engineering, supply engineering and buildings technology as well as the building shell
  • Application-oriented use of the available forms of energy as well as management of energy flows and waste heat flows