Scientific Goals

Scientific Goals

Energy Science and Engineering

A dependable, sustainable and affordable energy supply is crucial for the welfare of our society. Our energy system currently undergoes a transformation process from the consumption of fossil energy sources to regenerative energies – reaching the goal to successively substitute conventional energy sources in the near future and by sustainable energy technologies is one of the core themes of TU Darmstadt.

A fundamental conversion of our energy system involves the technological areas energy production, transport, storing as well as usage. The implementation of this highly complex process requires on the one hand technical innovations in crucial technology fields and on the other hand a high level of integration of numerous different technologies.

Of equal importance as the development of technological solutions is to address economic aspects, ecological compatibility as well as social acceptance and political governance.

This transformation leads to severe changes in the structure of our existing energy system. While electricity was so far produced in large power plants in metropolitan areas in the users’ vicinity now the rate of smaller decentralised producers increases.

In order to address the weather dependency of wind and solar electricity it is necessary to develop new strategies of electricity storage and to adapt energy consumption to the volatile supply to enhance the interchange between the different energy carriers electricity, heat and fuels.

For this complex task, expertise from classical engineering, natural sciences, economics, law and politics is required – and at hand in this profile area.