Due to the high number of application related research topics, the Profile Area Energy Systems of the Future cooperates with various industrial companies. This includes regional and transregional energy suppliers, large plant manufacturers like Alstom, Siemens or Bosch Rexroth, the automobile industry, the German railway company Deutsche Bahn, companies from the construction sector and many others.

Some of the scientists in the profile area are involved in the development of technical standards as well as in political consulting on national and international level. Close contacts to municipal administrations and larger real estate service companies exist especially in the civil engineering and architecture departments.

Within the scope of collaborative research centres a close exchange with various research institutions was established such as RWTH Aachen, Ruhr‐University Bochum, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Humboldt-University Berlin, Technical University Berlin, Konrad-Zuse-Centre for Information Technology Berlin (ZIB), Weierstraß-Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastic (WIAS) and University Duisburg-Essen. Beyond that the scientists at TU Darmstadt work in numerous further national and international research cooperations, partially in European joint projects.

Several cooperatively operated experimental facilities in the research field energy are implemented, such as HEISY-ORG (with University Heidelberg and TU Braunschweig), SoLIAS (BESSY II, Berlin, in cooperation with the Helmholtz-Centre Berlin and the Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus) and the Joint Laboratory Nano Materials (with KIT Karlsruhe).