Energy systems of the future

Interdisciplinary energy research at TU Darmstadt

Researchers in numerous institutes from 10 departments work together on technology development, system integration as well as fundamental research. The research activities are characterised by a high level of innovation and interdisciplinary cooperation.

Just as important as the development of technological solutions is to address economic aspects, ecological compatibility as well as social acceptance and political governance.

The Graduate School of Excellence Energy Science and Engineering and the interdisciplinary master programme Energy Science and Engineering offer a professional training in a multidisciplinary field of expertise.


Showcase of our energy research

Energy systems

Due to the growing amount of renewable energy and the increasing degree of automizatien and digitalization, our energy system gets more complex.


Optimizing power transmission

For a successful “Energiewende” the power transmission plays an important role. At TU Darmstadt new technologies for long-distance power transition are investigated.


Fuels based on renewable energy

In order to cope with the increasing amount of volatile energy production storage technologies are necessary. We investigate the processes of synthetic fuel production based on renewable energy.


Participating Departments