Future Energy Systems

Future Energy Systems

TU Darmstadt Energy Center

Energy research at Technical University Darmstadt includes a wide range of scientific topics and methods. Researchers in numerous institutes from 10 departments work together on technology development, system integration as well as fundamental research. The research activities are characterised by a high level of innovation and interdisciplinary cooperation.

Just as important as the development of technological solutions is it to address economic aspects, ecological compatibility as well as social acceptance and political governance.


Energy is a cross-cutting topic that requires the interdisciplinary integration of all relevant research disciplines. More


In Darmstadt Graduate School of Excellence Energy Science and Engineering several graduate students from eight different departments cooperate in various research topics. More


Due to the high number of application-oriented research topics, the profile area Future Energy Systems cooperates with various industrial companies, professional associations as well as political entities. More

Darmstadt Energy Conference

Since 2008, TU Darmstadt Energy Center has invited representatives from research institutions, companies, political entities and society to discuss the multidisciplinary topic energy and to learn more about the state of the transformation occurring in the energy supply system. More (German)

Institutes participating in the Profile Area Future Energy Systems

Scientists from 37 institutes in the departments Mechanical Engineering, Material and Earth Sciences, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Chemistry, Architecture, History and Social Sciences, Mathematics, Physics as well as Law and Economics are involved in the profile area Future Energy Systems.

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