Get to know Europe's energy research landscape

2021/01/26 by

UNITE!Energy is a European digital event series to bring the scientists of the UNITE! network closer together in the field of energy research. The tour through Europe's energy research landscape started on November 4, 2020 at TU Darmstadt and will now continue on January 28, 2021 at Aalto University.

This event (opens in new tab) will take a closer look at energy storage technologies and how Aalto University contributes to the scientific progress in this broad area. This will be followed by a collaborative discussion (including interactive online tools) with researchers and students from across the UNITE! network in order to build collaboration.

This is a great opportunity to make new contacts and build new collaborations, especially for all those working in the field of energy storage and also more broadly.

The digital event will take place on January 28 at 1.00 pm on via Zoom.


The UNITE!ENERGY event series is dedicated to energy science and energy and is hosted by the Graduate School of Energy Science and Engineering (GSESE) at TU Darmstadt for all UNITE! partners in a virtual forum. The individual events are hosted in rotation by the UNITE! partner universities.